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British Association of Holistic Skincare Practitioners

The skin may be the most taken advantage of organ in our entire body!

Without our skin we simply couldn't survive, yet we all tend to abuse it with too much sunlight, not enough good nutritious food, and even toxic chemicals.

It has been estimated that the average person puts as many as 200 chemicals on their skin every day! No wonder we're looking older more rapidly.

The fact is, many of the lotions, potions and creams that we put on our skin to help it look younger may be having the opposite effect.

Practicing 100% pure holistic skincare doesn't have to be complicated, if you begin with these simple steps:

. Look for the European Union Seal of Approval on all product labels to ensure that they do not contain any carcinogens. The U.S. FDA does not ban carcinogens in their beauty products, so even ones touted as holistic skincare products may not contain ingredients that are 100% pure.

. Buy Organic. To ensure that every product you put on your skin is 100% pure and is truly a holistic skincare product, look for brands featuring these logos: The Soil Association, BDIH, Demeter, Ecocert, or CAQ.

. Get rid of aerosols. Any product that must be sprayed or pumped form a can or bottle must contain non holistic skincare ingredients in order to work. Products containing 100% pure ingredients always come in a jar, pourable bottle, or squeezable tube.

Avoid products that contain these non-holistic skincare ingredients:

A. Petroleum jelly B. Formaldehyde C. Synthetic perfumes D. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) E. Parabens

Rinse skin often with lukwarm water (never hot or cold) to help rid the skin of toxins it may pick up during the day.

Must-Have 100% Pure Holistic Skincare Ingredients

Using holistic skincare ingredients requires some time and money finding just the right ones. Here are a few of the basics you'll need:

Base Oils

Used as a base for other ingredients, 100% pure base oils must be squeezed from nuts, seeds and vegetables in order to be considered an holistic skincare oil.

Some of the most popular (and effective) ones used include:

Almond Oil Avocado Oil Castor Oil Hazelnut Oil Olive Oil Rosehip Seed Oil

Essential Oils

Essential oils are 100% pure and derived from plants by steam distilling it from flowers, roots, bark, seeds and leaves. A highly concentrated oil, essential oils are easily absorbed into the skin, helping your body's cells regenerate themselves naturally. This is what makes essential oils an excellent holistic skincare ingredient.

Some of the most commonly used essential oils include:

Blue Cypress Calendula Carrot Seed Chamomile Eucalyptus Inula Lemongrass Rosemary Thyme

As you can see, there is no shortage of 100% pure ingredients to look for when buying holistic skincare products. To learn more about your holistic skincare options, check out our website for valuable ideas, tips and product ideas, including the line I personally use.

Dan Ho is a strong proponent of natural health in all its forms: skin care, supplementation, and farm fresh foods. Dan enjoys introducing people to the best natural products he can find and uses himself daily at: